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Autonomous Fire Safety Through Advanced Intelligence

Digiversum is the ultimate frontier in intelligent fire safety, featuring autonomous sensors that integrate seamlessly with existing fire safety operations. Engineered for precision, each Digiversum unit is dependable on its own. When interconnected, they form a network offering unparalleled protection and efficiency. Adaptable to any environment, this scalable system's straightforward setup provides a smart, cost-effective way to protect valuables.

The modular structure of Digiversum allows you to try it out on a small scale and expand seamlessly with more units as your needs grow. Boost efficiency, strengthen planning, and improve preparedness with the most cost-effective fire safety network in the universe.

Modular Fire Protection

  • Multifunctional

  • High-quality performance

  • Instant fire suppression

  • Quick and straightforward setup

  • Cost-effective

WFS net®

Intumescent Multifunctional Heat Barrier

WFS net® is a modular graphite net created with an advanced iteration of a technology initially developed by NASA. At temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius, it expands and densifies up to 50 times. The expansion creates a barrier blocking heat and oxygen, quickly containing fires. It’s not just a product, but a multifunctional safety investment, ideal for emergency fire protection as well as preventive installation, such as in new constructions.

Sensors for Intelligent Fire Prevention and Prediction

  • Fast hazard response

  • Comprehensive environmental assessment

  • Autonomous intelligent decision-making

  • Extensive drone and system compatibility

  • Preventive analytics


Autonomous Drone Interface

Elevate your fire response strategy with INCA B.R.A.I.N. This intelligent system transforms drones into guardians of the forest by equipping them with a suite of sensors like LIDAR, weather stations, and thermal imaging. INCA B.R.A.I.N. operates autonomously with self-guided decision-making in dynamic conditions and offers preventive analytics for detailed fire mapping and strategic planning. Furthermore, it integrates with existing systems, ensuring cohesive and coordinated actions. Capable of interfacing with various drones, INCA B.R.A.I.N. stands as an indispensable tool in the arsenal of advanced fire management.

  • First line of defense in fire prevention

  • No maintenance

  • Continuous fire risk monitoring

  • Blends into natural surroundings

  • Decade-long battery life

Ground Sensors

Preventive Monitoring

Ground sensors are your essential first line of defense in fire prevention. These precision-engineered sensors meticulously monitor for fire risks such as increased heat and dryness. Their preventive capabilities allow for rapid response to potential fire hazards. With a decade-long battery life, these sensors are not only a wise safety investment but also feature an immediate notification system to alert you of risks, ensuring prompt action. Additionally, the sensors’ compact, robust design requires no maintenance and blends seamlessly into natural surroundings, offering a reliable safeguard for your property against fire threats.

  • 360-degree field of view

  • All-light operation

  • 250-meter radius monitoring area

  • Instant risk notifications

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

AI Camera

Post Fire Monitoring

The AI Camera is a vigilant sentinel equipped with cutting-edge AI technology, designed to detect and monitor flames with exceptional accuracy. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, functioning around the clock in post-fire locations. This camera offers a 360-degree field of view, ensuring comprehensive area coverage without any blind spots and adapting seamlessly to various lighting conditions. It also identifies and sends instant notifications of fire hotspots and potential risks within a 250-meter radius, allowing for timely response.

The Software Symphony

  • Central hub for real-time wildfire data integration

  • Easy sensor setup

  • Intuitive map interface

  • Remote configuration

  • Continuous resource coordination


Efficient Operations

The INCA WFS® software is at the heart of wildfire management, acting as a central hub for operations. It merges real-time data from sensors, drones, and satellites, providing a detailed perspective for informed decision-making. The software equips planners and responders with tools for strategic simulations and predictive analytics. They can allocate tasks and pinpoint critical areas using intuitive map interfaces. Continuous tracking of hardware and personnel ensures effective coordination. Its capabilities extend to easy sensor setup and remote configuration, creating an efficient network. This integrated system ensures data-driven decisions, precise actions, and timely information access for all team members.

WFS Platforms

Total Coverage

Website Interface

This platform provides the INCA WFS® full suite of tools for strategic planning. It aggregates both live and historical data, giving coordinators a comprehensive overview essential for managing all aspects of operations.

INCA Cloud

INCA Cloud is the backbone of the INCA WFS® ecosystem. This robust cloud solution safely holds and handles the extensive data produced by the system. It guarantees that every platform within the ecosystem can access up-to-date information, aiding in decision-making and operational assistance.

Mobile Applications

Empowering front-line staff, these iOS and Android apps enable field workers to modify sensor configurations, get tailored notifications, and view essential data from INCA WFS®. This facilitates uninterrupted operations and swift reactions.

WFS Wearables

Seamless Integration


Smartwatches provide critical updates and facilitate team synchronization with just a wrist glance, ensuring continuous operational awareness and swift response abilities.

AR Glasses

AR Glasses provides essential information directly into the user's field of view, facilitating advanced navigation and task execution in the field, enhancing the precision of every action handsfree.


Education for Coordinators

A specialised 2-day training, designed specifically for coordinators. The training focuses on strategic use of the INCA WFS® platform for optimal command and control.

Education for Operational Staff

A focused 2-hour session that enhances the field skills for operational staff. The training covers essential aspects of the INCA WFS® system for effective field application.