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The Higher Purpose of Multipurpose Solutions

Multifunctionality is at the core of our approach to fire protection innovations, a principle vividly exemplified by our pioneering solution, the WFS net®. The net is not just a testament to our commitment to innovation but also a versatile tool that opens up a wide spectrum of application possibilities beyond traditional fire safety measures.

Autonomous and Intuitive Integrated Solutions

To provide unlimited multifunctionality in the field of fire safety, we develop hardware and software solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing systems. Adaptability, autonomy and user-centric design ensure that our solutions cater to the diverse needs within fire safety management. Our modular Digivesum of components offers unparalleled flexibility, making upgrades and expansions effortless. Combined with our open architecture software, which ensures flawless communication with other systems, we provide a comprehensive solution that is both scalable and intuitive to manage.

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Unlock the Limitless Potential of WFS net®

Designed for versatility, WFS net® seamlessly integrates into any structure, from the eaves of terrace houses to the core of submarine and space structures. The genius of WFS net® lies in its adaptability. Its modular design can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of any project, allowing architects and engineers to enhance fire safety measures without compromising functionality, efficiency, or design. Known for its exceptional heat resistance, WFS net® provides a robust barrier that withstands extreme temperatures, safeguarding lives and investments alike.

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