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It all started with a net – now we’re a network

The challenges of fire safety cannot be tackled in isolation. Collaboration is our answer to the complex, multifaceted nature of fire protection, and our network is built on trust and a shared commitment to making a difference by pushing the boundaries of intelligent fire safety worldwide. Together with our branders, Flameguard and Adroit Fire, we identify ideas and challenges, leverage diverse expertise, and develop more effective, efficient, and innovative solutions.


  • Construction Integration

  • Passive Fire Protection

  • Cost-efficient

  • Cutting-edge

Flameguard is a leading expert in passive fire protection for the construction industry.

They offer a comprehensive range of reliable and cost-efficient cutting-edge solutions to integrate fire protection into building structures. Notably, Flameguard is pioneering a groundbreaking approach to create fire barriers between terraced houses using the INCA WFS net®. We are proud to partner with these industry specialists, collaborating and leveraging our shared expertise in our collective mission to safeguard the world from the threat of fire harm.

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Adroit Fire

  • Globally Connected

  • Development

  • Manufacturing

  • Commerce

Adroit Fire is globally connected in the field of fire defense development, manufacturing, and commerce.

They offer invaluable assistance in introducing and broadening the application areas and market field for our innovative solutions. Adroit Fire's wide knowledge and deep insight into fire prediction, prevention, and protection make them one of our most trusted partners.